Welcome to Almost Everything. 

I’m Ko (your host for this evening!), a twenty-something Northerner living and working in London.

I am fortunate enough in life to have Almost Everything a girl could wish for. I have had a good education, a good job in the city, I have food on my table, a roof over my head, I have travelled and I have lots and lots of love in my life. An amazing family, a wonderful boyfriend and a brilliant group of friends. 

This tiny corner of the internet where I write about all that. I write about Almost Everything. Expect to find ramblings about food, travel, books, film, London, the North East, things I love (and things I don’t), my comings and my goings and just about everything in between.

Warning, deepness ahead: I think it is so important to have Almost Everything. You need to have goals and ambitions and things in life to strive for. If everything was always handed to you on a plate, if you had everything you could possibly wish for, then what would you do? Wouldn’t it be very boring? What could you get excited about? How could you possibly have any motivation for anything? I know it would not take me long to go fairly crazy…


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