Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Good Gifts This Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone ! Are we all getting excited for Santa coming?

I know I certainly am. Ever the girl to leave everything to the last minute, I'm quite proud that as of this morning (and thanks to Amazon Prime) I now am officially done with my Christmas shopping. Everything is ticked off my list and I can relax. Christmas Eve will be dedicated to getting my wrapping done to some of my favourite seasonal films, instead of my usual day-before-christmas tradition. Panic buying anything remotely suitable five minutes before the shops shut.

For those of you like minded "I work best under pressure anyway..." types, check out Good Gifts. Even if you were done with your Christmas shopping before November even began, check it out. It's a two for one gift, perfect to add a little extra something special to give to your loved one, and you give a gift that is really needed to someone who will have very little this Christmas. Tis the season after all.

There are some great Little Good Gifts starting from just £5 and include the likes of blankets for the elderly, helping to feed abandoned cats and dogs, toiletries for African school girls and music seasons for children in hospital.

If you have the means to spread a lot of love this Christmas, there are also Gigantic Good Gifts. You can buy chunks of the Greenbelt to save it from development, sponsor a nurse in Africa through a three year training programme or buy a bull to replenish livestock.

When you buy a Good Gift, the money you spend will buy the actual gift you have chosen. You know exactly where your money is going. You can choose to send your gift via a gift card, a cracker pack or via e-card (phew - christmas is two days away!)

Whatever you choose, you really can't go wrong with a Good Gift.

Are you all organised for the big day? How have you gave back this year?


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