Sunday, 18 October 2015

If I Lived Back Home

If I lived back home, opposed to in the big, bright capital that is London I could have a very different life.

I could have my own house. I'm almost 25 years old. That's pretty much middle aged in Northern years. All my home friends have bought their own place, or are close to doing so. I could swap my tiny shared flat for a proper home with a proper garden (or at least yard), two floors and a kitchen and living room that would be just mine, and exactly how I want them. So. Much. Space.

I would obviously fill said house with beautiful instagramble furnishings and knickknacks and an adorable kitten. Or puppy. Probably kitten; I would still like to come and go as I please and dogs need more looking after.

I would have a car. I could run to the shops or out to meet a mate for a coffee without having to faff around with hot sweaty tubes and buses. I could stick my bags in the boot and not have to lug them around all over the place. I could go to an actual supermarket instead of my local co-op / tesco express. Hell, I could drive to all the local markets and farm shops and buy the freshest food ever. Then, in my kitchen, I could whip up delectable feasts for my nearest and dearest.

Most importantly, my nearest and dearest would be on my doorstep. I could see them any time I want rather than once every three months. I would enjoy easy nights out in Newcastle (in London it feels like its so much more effort!) and pop into my parents for Sunday dinner and a walk down the prom. Followed of course, by tea and cake at grans with the aunts and uncles and cousins and their adorable little children.

Rather than crashing on the sofa when I need some chill time, I would enjoy the beautiful country side. I would go for long walks, saying hello to fellow wanders and breathing in the fresh air and stop for a break at quaint little coffee shops. Instead of feeling fat and lazy I would feel refreshed; skin tingling from the air.

Perhaps one day this will be my life. I hope so. I hope I get to go back home. Right now, though I sometimes dream of alternatives, I love my London life. I love pop-ups and west-end shows and kooky cocktail bars and restaurants. I love my daily walk past Tower Bridge and the buzz that is always in the atmosphere. I love that there is always something happening, a constant opportunity to try something new and make new friends. I love making the most of my 20s in one of the most exiting cities in the world.


  1. Really enjoyed this post hun. As a born and bred Londoner, London to me always just seems a little standard (because I totally take it for granted) so it's nice to hear someone else's positive point of view. Totally get you with house prices and it being so much easier up north though, London house prices, tubes and the nightlife drive me insane!


  2. I loved this post! It is crazy how much living in London can change your life, especially when you compare it to what you could have elsewhere. A year ago I would have killed to move to London, but now I don't think I could do it. I love having the countryside on my doorstep, being able to afford a decent flat without going bankrupt, but still being able to pop into the city (Edinburgh) when I fancy because it's only a train ride away. I think the London lifestyle sounds wonderful, but there's so much sacrafice that comes with it too.
    Nicole xxx
    Life in Ginger