Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Annoying Things

  • Noisy eaters. Close your mouth, for the love of God !!
  • People who scrape their knives and forks / cut really hard into the plate. Nails on a chalk board. The aim is to cut the food, not the kitchenware 
  • Slow internet
  • Wooden spoons. Especially wet. I have a thing for weird textures. This also includes wooden lollypop sticks and the cardboard backs of notes pads. Urrggghhhh
  • Heavy handed / footed people first thing in the morning
  • Wrists. They are so veiny and delicate looking and veiny. If you cut them by accident, you could die
  • People who don't do their fairshare. There is only so much slack the rest of us can take
  • Getting a half full, or not full at all, sugar sachets 
  • No milk
  • People describing something as 'edgy'. Unless it does indeed have lots of edges of course.
  • Pretentiousness. Northerner living in London, what can I say ?
  • People who say i'm too happy. It's my face. Sorry. I'll try harder to look miserable
  • Matches that burn out as soon as they've been lit
  • Having to re-wash my hair because I felt asleep with my bobble in and now it looks crazy

What annoys you ?